Volunteering in Singapore

When we first come to Singapore as an expat, we are amazed by how clean, organized and convenient it is. We see the gleaming skyscrapers, the beautiful conservation houses and the exotic cars on the road.

Leading an expat life in Singapore is a privilege, one that most of us don’t even have in our own countries. Singapore gives us a cushy life, with big salaries, international school for our children, spacious houses and sometimes even  helpers to cook and clean for us.

But for many local Singaporeans, life is hard. Many struggle to make ends meet and need help to survive from week to week. There are those who are old, afflicted and shunned by their families, women who are abused and victims of domestic violence, young girls whose families cannot afford to pay for their education and families that have fallen on hard times and don’t know where their next meal will come from. Foreign domestic workers make up a large proportion of the transient population of Singapore. But many don’t even get their basic rights and end up in shelters having suffered abuse and even violence.

volunteering in Singapore

Raising funds & Volunteering

At NCA we try to be involved with our five charities on multiple levels. We volunteer on the spot at our charities: Helping them in their day-to-day operations and by providing consultation and advice services.

Another way of supporting our 5 charities is by the means of raising funds. We have several fundraisers each year to gain capital and we receive donations. A large part of this is our charity shop, where we sell several meaningful gifts. All the proceedings (100%!) of the items we sell go directly to the causes we support.

In this, volunteering in Singapore is much more sustainable and comprehensive.

From Dutch woman to an International Association Volunteering in Singapore

In 1968, a group of Dutch women established the Netherlands Charity Association (NCA), to help raise funds for locals who had fallen through the cracks. Mostly by knitting clothing and other textiles. Now known as NCA, we are non-profit that raises funds for local charities. We are proud to be nowadays and international organization for both men and woman who all have one goal: Giving back to the Singaporean community.

We organize events and provide opportunities for giving back to and volunteering in Singapore. If you are looking to give back to Singapore, and to do something meaningful with your time, join us!

Your contribution can go a long way in providing a safe haven and rehabilitating women and children fleeing violence and abuse, brightening the lives of elderly who have lost the use of limbs or digits due to leprosy, helping teenage girls get an education, supporting families who cannot manage without monetary help and improving the plight of foreign workers in Singapore.

If you are an individual looking for opportunities for volunteering in Singapore, sign up as a member, a volunteer, or just donate to the causes we support.  Subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with eventsnews and volunteering opportunities.

If you are a corporate there are many ways you can help. You can become a Friend of NCA, sponsor workshops, give your employees get opportunities for volunteering in Singapore, and much more. Get in touch with us at [email protected].

Please join us and make a difference in somebody’s life!