Each year NCA organizes several fundraiser events to get togetherFundraising Events with members and to meet new interested parties. Some of the recurring fundraising events we organize throughout the year are as below. Check here for dates and the latest details. Most of our Fundraising Events are organised to raise money. However awareness of our causes are just as important. Also, feel free to volunteer with our events! We need you help as much as our causes need us!

christmas treeCharity Christmas Fair:  one of our signature fundraising events and very popular among everyone who’s looking for a good deal. At the fair you not only find some of the innovative vendors, you will also find many charities that are looking to sell their wares. It is held in November at the Hollandse Club and perfect to shop for unique Christmas or Sinterklaas presents.
image (6)Garage Sale: once or twice a year we organize the garage sale at the Hollandse Club. We collect the items beforehand and on the day people are lined up to be the first ones in. It is an event and you are bound to find fun things that occasionally bring back fond memories.
Volunteers 2014Volunteer sessions: we regularly organize different type of sessions where we visit our charities. Sometimes we work hard to help out, other times we get spoiled. These events are only open to members of NCA.
blackwhite1Black and White Tour: Executive Homes sponsors this immense popular tour every year in early spring exclusively for NCA. We visit some of the best preserved Black and White homes and we are always accompanied by a guide who knows what she’s talking about.
Coffee mornings: after the summer holidays, when the kids are back in school, we all get together to catch up. We drink coffee, meet new people and always introduce one of the NCA charities.