Workshop on Managing Emotions @ H.O.M.E. Shelter

After having suffered physical, verbal or sexual abuse at the hands of their employers, the courageous women at the HOME Shelter finally feel safe. They go through a myriad of emotions through this difficult journey- fear, despair, hopelessness, relief, safety, happiness and frustration- sometimes all at the same time.

During the workshop on Managing Emotions these women got an insight into various human emotions and what roles they play in our survival. They were then given tools to identify their own feelings at various points in time and given tools to manage these emotions, regulate their thoughts, control their reactions and through all these, modify their behaviour.

The ladies participated openly during the session – interacting, contributing and sharing – making it effective, meaningful and practical.

The workshop was conducted by Rashmi Baya and Claudia Lardi Robyn at the HOME Shelter.