Workshop on Building Self-Esteem @ H.O.M.E. Shelter

After having suffered physical, verbal or sexual abuse at the hands of their employers, the courageous women at the HOME Shelter finally feel safe. But at the same time, there are feelings of despair and  hopelessness, with their means of earning a livelihood either put on hold or to an end, at least in Singapore.

The workshop on Building Self-Esteem  encouraged these ladies to look at themselves as individuals, recognise who they are – their wants, needs, desires, fears and aspirations. They were taken on a journey of self-discovery which helped them to understand their uniqueness, their individuality and their strengths. They learned to recognise these qualities and how they could channel these to overcome tough situations in their lives.

There were some tears as they shared parts of themselves with the group and a lot of smiles and laughter as they uplifted themselves and each other.

The workshop was conducted by Rashmi Baya and Claudia Lardi Robyn at the HOME Shelter.