At NCA we find it important to give back to the Singaporean community. A community that is vibrant, multi-cultural and most of all caring. Singapore is ranked as very low on the misery index and everyone who has visited the peninsula would agree on this. Yet, there are always people in need who fall between the cracks; beneath all the wealth and prosperity in this great country there are also some less privileged people in all layers of the society who could need a helping hand.

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From 1 to 5 charitable organisations!

NCA started in 1968 by knitting clothes for a small children’s orphanage in Singapore. Decades later we have evolved into a non-profit organisation that supports more causes in Singapore then we ever hoped for 50 years ago. NCA now supports five local charitable organisations by providing funds, helping  and supporting in their day-to-day operations.

The charitable organisations that are supported by NCA all have this in common; they support people in Singapore that have been falling between the cracks of society. Because NCA wants to give something back to the Singaporean community, charitable organisations are chosen that represent the diversity that characterises the Singaporean society: From elderly to teenagers; woman and man; and with any geographic or cultural background.

Who and why we support these charitable organisations

NCA contributes to the Breadline Group who supports physically handicapped elderly, people that cannot sustain themselves, or families that cannot survive without financial help.

There is a large group of foreign domestic workers that so much characterises the Singaporean society. This is a group of individuals in Singapore that don’t have as many privileges as non-foreign domestic workers and sometimes need special care. For this reason one of the other charitable organisations NCA supports is HOME, short for Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics. They help vulnerable woman who don’t know where to turn to, mostly so far away from home.

Just like the Good Shepherd Centre; a shelter for teens, women, mothers and their children who have a history of abuse and sometimes even victimisation. These women cannot stay in their own safe homes and the Good Shepherd Centre gives them this: a safe place to call home.

Another charitable organisation we support is SILRA, one of the few charities in Singapore that support leprosy survivors in their living. Mostly elderly, these people don’t have a place to go to due to shame or being abandoned by their families and the community they used to live in. The funds we raise for this charity organisation are put to good use and our monthly Bingo brings a bit of joy in the sometimes hard lives of these leprosy survivors.

The latest addition to the charitable organisations that NCA supports is Project Pari by Zonta. It concentrates on providing a future for underprivileged teenage girls. Girls whose parents cannot give them the future they deserve. A future that is not only important to these girls, but also for the Singaporean community as a whole. The community we all live in, the community NCA wants to give back to.

Giving back to the Singaporean community

NCA finds it important to support these charitable organisations who come up for the vulnerable, the sometimes forgotten, parts of Singaporean society.

For that reason NCA has chosen the following five local charitable organisations that reflect the Singaporean community we want to give back to. NCA supports these charities in raising extra funds for their deeds and in supporting them in some of their day-to-day operations.

  1. The Breadline Group
  2. Good Shepherd Centre
  3. H.O.M.E.
  4. Project Pari
  5. Singapore Leprosy Relief Association
good shepherd

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