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NCA is a 100% not-for-profit organisation run on donations and by people like you, who volunteer with us. As with many charitable organisations, NCA and the charities we support cannot exist without volunteers. We need help with fundraisers, help with being there on the spot and help with your expertise and knowledge.

The more help we get, the more we can give back!

How can you help?

As a volunteer you can give your time and expertise by signing up to be part of the NCA committees or with the causes NCA supports. Everyone can sign up as a volunteer! However because some of our charities are privacy sensitive for the people we help, such as safe houses (H.O.M.E, Girls of Good Shepherd), some are only accessible to women. Yet we need a lot of help with all of our other projects, so please sign up today and help us giving back to the Singaporean community!

“Living here as an expat it is very easy to stay in your expat bubble.  But there is so much more to Singapore, and it is very rewarding to see you can actually make a difference in people’s lives”

MarliesSecretary NCA

“When I moved to Singapore I was struck by its wealth. It never occurred to me that there would be people here that have nothing, when others have so incredibly much”

Mrs BrevetDedicated volunteer

“I want to save money from work and have a restaurant, and be happy with my family. My son is 6, his favourite subject is Math. Maybe he can become a doctor”

LovelyGood Sheppard Shelter Resident

“As an NCA volunteer I didn’t just want to do fairs but go out and meet the Singaporean people who we are helping. That’s how you get a feeling of who you’re raising all that money for.”

GeeraNurse & Volunteer

 “My leprosy started when I was 20 years old. For 22 years I’ve been here at SILRA…..I find it very good here and I am happy”

Yit Ha KengSILRA Resident

Vacancies within NCA

We are always in need of volunteers with organisational skills and those who can give time to generate funds. You can volunteer with NCA by joining one of the following committees:

  • MARCOM Committee – This committee works on external communications and marketing in regards to all NCA activities. To volunteer for this committee you will need to be fluent in English. To register your interest or for further information please click here
  • Volunteer for fairs: NCA is on the lookout for volunteers who are able to assist with fundraising activities at various expat fairs organised in Singapore. We are looking for individuals who are able to volunteer during the week in the mornings or afternoons. For further information or to volunteer please find our contact email here


Vacancies at the Charities

The charities supported by NCA largely rely on volunteers to run the organisation. They are always on the lookout for new volunteers. You can refer to the website of the charity for further information on how to help.

  • SILRA – As volunteer you can assist in outings, gardening, cleaning the premises, organising activities and accompanying residents to the hospital.
  • Good Shepherd Centre – Looking for volunteers who can help teach the women how to dance.
  • Charity events calendar: To see the list of upcoming NCA events and for volunteer opportunities.

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