Volunteering Events

A large proportion of the funds we raise come from charity events we organise throughout the year. From Garage Sales to Charity Fairs and the Black & White Tours organised in collaboration with Executive Homes, NCA’s fundraiser events have become quite popular and are much anticipated.

Not only do these volunteer events contribute a large part of the funds raised for our selected charities, they also provide a platform to raise awareness about NCA and the causes we support. In addition, they provide volunteering opportunities for people looking for something meaningful to do. All of the volunteer events we organise are set up for only one reason: to support our 5 charities. Either by raising funds or by volunteering on the spot. Our much beloved charities are:

  1. H.O.M.E.
  2. SILRA
  3. Girls of good Shepherd
  4. The Breadline Group
  5. Project Pari
Volunteer Events

Volunteer Events: Charity Christmas Fair

Volunteer events Christmas fair

One of our signature fundraising volunteer events and very popular among everyone who’s looking for a good deal. At the fair you not only find many innovative vendors, you will also find wares made by some of our charities. The Charity Christmas Fair is held in the last week of November at the Hollandse Club and is a perfect opportunity to shop for unique holiday presents.

Each year we see more and more visitors that are interested in what we offer with the many (many) vendors. And for all those who are not yet in the Christmas spirit, the very special H.O.M.E. Choir that sings beautiful Christmas Carols, makes this a day never to forget. A day where giving back to the community we love so much is a single goal for all who visit.

  • Music and entertainment
  • Food stalls and warming drinks
  • Special vendors market
  • Lottery with great prices sponsored by KLM
  • More and more, check our Charity Calendar for more info

Volunteer Events: The Garage Sale

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we organize the NCA Charity Garage Sale at the Hollandse Club. We collect and sell pre-loved items donated by people looking for a new home for them : designer as well as non branded clothing; a huge amount of kids toys for all age groups;  vast range of quality books; electronic items & DVDs; household necessities; decoration and art; and sport and exercise equipment.

Anything item you think someone else will enjoy more than you is a welcome donation for our charity garage sale.

These items are sold for a bargain at the garage sale. You are sure to find something interesting and useful there if you visit. If you want to donate items, or volunteer for the NCA Charity Garage Sale you are more than welcome to join our cause. Please check our charity events calendar when and how you can help!

Last garage sale we made (again) a record sale of more  than 4500 SGD!

Charity garage sale NCA

Volunteer Sessions

NCA Volunteers Singapore

We regularly organise different type of volunteering sessions  to visit our charities. Whether it is playing Bingo at SILRA, judging a cooking contest at Good Shepherd or helping out at the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen, our volunteering events are guaranteed to bring smiles to a lot of faces. Not only do we give back to the Singaporean community: we are part of it.

Join us for any of the future volunteer events we host! We are sure you enjoy yourself along with the people you are giving back to. Make sure to check our upcoming volunteering events, look up our Charity Events Calendar.

Volunteer Events: Black and White Tour

A tour through all the historic houses in Singapore, Executive Homes sponsors this immense popular tour every year in early spring exclusively for NCA. These tours are usually sold out within hours, and are a great chance to get an exclusive peek into some of Singapore’s best preserved Black and White Homes.

These beautiful houses are highly desirable and sadly in short supply. Luckily, even if you don’t get to live in one, we make sure you can visit a selection of these great historic houses.

Our last tour visited some beautiful Black and White mansions in Mount Pleasant, Adam Park, Ridley Park and Nassim Road. It was led by specialist heritage tour guide, Diana Chua, who explained the architectural features and fascinating stories behind these homes.

We are always accompanied by a guide well versed in the history and trivia of these beautiful buildings. This is an event you cannot miss out on. Check our charity events calendar to see when the next Black & White tour will be held.

Black and White tour NCA charity

Awareness Nights

Awareness night

Every year NCA organises an Awareness Night to raise awareness among expats about various issues afflicting the Singaporean society. We invite speakers who are experts in the topic selected for the year. They could be from our charities or professionals knowledgeable in the area. Some of the topics he have covered are Poverty in Singapore and Human Trafficking. Check out the calendar to see the date for the next Awareness Night.