The Grand Finale

The wonderful volunteers and members of the NCA worked hard in 2017, selling our merchandise at fairs, running garage sales, organising Black & White House Tours with Executive Homes, hosting a Poverty Awareness Night, collaborating with NUS students, ABN AMRO Wooden Shoe Hockey Tournament and ADB for our Lucky Draw, organising charity events (like the monthly NCA Bingo morning at SILRA), our own very successful Christmas Fair at the Hollandse Club, and so much more.


Throughout each year we are closely connected with our charity partners, and often interact with them and their clients, but it all comes together at the end of the year when as a result of all that hard work we are able to hand over the cheques to our partners to support them in their amazing work: helping the underprivileged in Singapore and giving a helping hand where it is most needed.  We are daily honoured to hear their stories and to be a small part of their achievements.


We know that no-one can do everything but we believe passionately that everyone can do something to change the world for the better, one little step at a time.  We thank our kind corporate sponsors, supporters, donors and volunteers with all our hearts for every dollar that you have given us that has allowed us to make a difference in the lives of children, women, families and elderly people in Singapore that so urgently need our understanding and support.  


From our families to yours – wishing you all a happy holiday season, and for those celebrating, a very joyful and peaceful Christmas.  If you would like to read more, below are the details of how our charity partners invested the NCA donations in 2017.




In 2017 NCA funded 5 cases at Breadline, the charity that supports families in desperate financial situations.  The families we have been able to support include young people with severe physical disabilities who are studying as well as caring for elderly relatives, struggling families working multiple jobs while faced with crippling medical bills and an elderly widow raising her grandson.  These people are in great need, and sometimes Breadline’s financial and practical support is literally all that keeps them going.  


Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics


HOME allocated the NCA funds to their Medical Care for HOME shelter residents, part of their Financial Assistance programme.  The shelter provides emergency housing and food for domestic workers who have escaped from abusive and exploitative employment, and a supportive environment in the aftermath of their distressing experiences.  Almost 1,000 women benefited from the shelter programme in 2017, and the number is projected to rise in 2018.  Many of the residents have left their employment with several months’ salary owed to them, and the financial programme exists to give immediate relief to migrant workers resident at the shelter who have been abused and are in urgent need of medical or other funds.  


Project Pari

NCA is pleased to have supported Zonta Singapore in 2017 by funding two beneficiaries of Project Pari, their programme to support students through their secondary schooling, over five years.  The girls are selected in close collaboration with schools and are chosen for their promising ability and educational commitment in spite of personal financial hardship.  They receive a small monthly allowance from the programme and also benefit from events to provide them with life skills and a perspective on career opportunities.  


The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd is a crisis centre benefiting teenagers, women, mothers and their children as well as foreign domestic workers.  Residents are offered a safe and supportive shelter where they can learn to rebuild their lives after having experienced violence and abuse, and are able to recover and reskill themselves to become independent and re-integrate into their communities. NCA’s donation was used for skill development and counselling/therapy programmes helping the residents to recover from their trauma, develop resilience and to re-build their lives. The baking and cooking classes for example teach them various skills and help them to build their confidence level and to take charge of their families.


Singapore Leprosy Relief Association (SILRA Home)


SILRA is home to ex-leprosy patients who have been rejected by their families and society because of the stigma and deformities associated with the disease.  They provide a cheerful and supportive home to these elderly people including the food, lodging and medical care, as well as recreation activities like singing, bingo games and entertainment, and rehabilitative programmes including musical therapy, cane weaving, gardening and reskilling courses.  SILRA does not allocate individual donations to specific projects, but includes all funds raised into their operating expenditure.