How far can you swim to support the good cause? Can you go that extra mile for the less privileged in Singapore.

During NCA’s Swim for Charity on the 25th of November in the pool of the Dutch Club, great hearted people will swim their best and furthest to support the families in the Breadline program.

Breadline support families that have difficulties to make ends meet. This December NCA will provide each of the families with a box of basic shopping that they have requested (cooking oil, rice, sardines, toiletries and more), the harder you swim the more we can include in the box.

You can register for the swim and pay the 10 SGD registration fee by using the form below.

Are you not participating in the Swim for Charity but wish to support your son, daughter, grandchild, wife or boyfriend you can use the Support a Friend Button below.

Support a Friend

Please register here:

You are of course invited and more than welcome to donate more to support and enable NCA to give something extra to the Breadline families. The more we raise, the more we can include in their packages.

Swim for Charity
Hollandse Club, Camden Hill,
Starting on
November 25, 2022 3 PM
Ending on
November 25, 2022 7 PM