As a volunteer you can give your time and expertise by signing up to be part of the NCA committees or with the causes NCA supports. Your energy and expertise can make a difference in people’s lives – and it will change your life for the better too.

Marketing & Communication

The NCA is looking for wonderful, community-minded people to join our marketing team. Help us to create and share content to spread the word about the great work we do to help women and children in Singapore.

The marketing team meets monthly to share ideas and progress on our various projects. We are an international team of diverse skills and experience, and we are keen to find some like-minded, talented and energetic folk to join us. Find out more.


Selling and promoting our merchandise at fairs in Singapore is an important part of our fundraising activities. Most fairs are held on weekdays and we are always looking for enthusiastic, English-speaking volunteers to run our stall in the morning or afternoon. Our Charity Christmas Fair in November is an important fund-raising event in our calendar.

Be there for our charities

Volunteer on the spot at some of our charities. We have several activities where all our help is needed. Fill out the form on this page to sign up as a volunteer and help those who need it the most!

Sign Up as a Volunteer