Sisi Sukiato

“I’m the Director of Administration, and am mainly responsible for the HOME Academy, which empowers domestic workers through skills development and drawing out their talents. Education is more than the materials and the lessons: we create community and sisterhood. The right support can make significant changes to domestic workers’ mind-sets – it can open their hearts and minds to see the possibility that they can go further, and achieve more than they ever knew. We started the Academy 7 years ago with 80 students – now we have 900 students per intake, every six months. They come from 5 or 6 different countries, and each group teaches in their home language, each in a unique way that is suited to them. We ask the students “What are your plans after Singapore?” and offer specific teaching that will enable them to work and thrive in their home countries.”

“Previously I worked in the Indonesian embassy handling cases with domestic workers. I joined HOME after I had been volunteering there for a while, and I found the vision and ambitions of HOME fitted with me, and gave me more space to outreach.”

HOME works for the well-being, justice and empowerment of migrant workers and trafficked victims in Singapore. They realize that rules and regulations cannot be changed in one day, so they take a step-by-step approach. HOME has been part of outlawing cleaning windows from the outside without proper safety precautions, took the lead in getting the foreign workers a weekly day off and got MOM to require employers to sign statements that affirm domestic worker’s rights.

They also run the HOME Academy, where domestic workers teach each other new skills and create communities of support. The Academy is run by 60 or 70 volunteers and employers are happy to give their helpers the Sunday to go there and learn.

NCA is proud to be one of HOME’s supporters for many, many years. We endorse the work they do and support their work in kind and financially.