Volunteer in Singapore: Join NCA

Are you looking to put your skills to good use? Why not use them for NCA? Start to volunteer in Singapore today!

Over the past 50 years our organisation has developed  into an all round charity organisation comprised of many nationalities. NCA’s main goal is to raise money within the expat community and give back to the Singaporean community. If you are part of this community and speak English please consider helping us out. We have the following opportunities for you to volunteer in Singapore with NCA. Singapore has given us so much, therefore our goal is to give back!

Volunteer in Singapore: Marcom Committee

MARCOM is responsible for all external communication in regards to the activities of the NCA (fairs, event, brochures etc.). We are always on the lookout for extra members to join our committee, preferably native English speakers. If you’d like more information or if you are interested, please e-mail us

Volunteer in Singapore: NCA’s fairs

Selling and promoting our merchandise on the various expat fairs in Singapore is an important part of our fundraising activities. Most fairs are during the week and we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who would like to man our table in the morning or afternoon. Please e-mail us.

Volunteer in Singapore: Be there for our charities

Volunteer on the spot at some of our charities. We have several activities where all our help is needed. Please contact us or the charities directly if you’d like to help out!

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