Support & Participate in Singaporean Charities

No charity organization can exist without volunteers. This is true for NCA as well as for the Singaporean charities we support. Our fundraisers help a lot, however being there on the spot is of sometimes even greater help; as a human touch is always more valuable than money.

Please read here all about the charities we support and why. All of our 5 Singaporean charities are carefully chosen to maintain our mission: To give back to the Singaporean community. These charitable organisations reflect the Singaporean community that is less privileged than you normally would see in Singapore. They can use all the help there is and quite frankly if it comes to helping charity there is never enough.

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Singaporean Charities & Your Involvement

Singaporean Charities

Support Singaporean Charities

One way of supporting NCA is by making a donation. There are 3 ways in which you can donate. You can donate money if you want, purchase a meaningful gift to help others directly or buy one of our NCA merchandises.  All proceedings go to one of our 5 Singaporean charities. You can choose your own charity if you like by purchasing a gift in our shop. Just pick the good cause of your choice, purchase the gift and make a direct donation.

Participate in Singaporean Charities

NCA is involved with its Singaporean charities on multiple levels. By being there on the spot as a volunteer we want to be involved with the day to day operations of our causes. For example a lot of help is needed as a volunteer at the Breadline Group, being there for a family by donating some of your time means sometimes more than donating money. Or, helping the girls of Good Shepherd by being there for them; supporting them emotionally or by conducting workshops so they can stand on their own feet. In this we have many kinds of volunteering work we need help for. More than you can imagine.

  • Vacancies within NCA: we are always in need of people with organisational skills and people who like to help us generate the funds we need to help the local charities we support.
  • Vacancies at the charities: charities do not only need money, they also have a need for volunteers to help them out where necessary.
  • Charity events calendar: Take a look at our volunteering opportunities at our charities through NCA.