Project PARI

Project Pari was started in 2008 by Zonta Singapore, and since February 2016 NCA has been supporting this project. This has been a great addition to the other charities we support. Zonta originated by female executives and professionals in an array of industries to support young (underprivileged) women in their journey to a better future. By their passion to advance the status of Singaporean women they truly give back to the community we all are so fond of.

Project Pari helps secondary schoolgirls by giving them a monthly pocket allowance, so these girls can have proper meals and transportation. Also they teach the girls valuable life skills. Pulling these girls out of poverty and into books means that they get a real chance in life to make the best out of them selves, and in turn help giving back to the Singaporean community they grow up in. The girls come from underprivileged families that cannot afford to give their daughters an allowance, and are chosen by the schools they attend.

Project Pari

Project Pari: Out of poverty into books

Giving these girls an allowance works in two ways. First of all the girls are now able to join their friends for certain activities (like having lunch, or ride home on the bus). Secondly they learn how to deal with money (and most importantly, that you can only spend it once!). They don’t have to spend their allowance; they are also taught what other options there are during financial management classes. Also other life skill programs are conducted to help install in the teenagers a sense of self-worth. Programs to learn skills such as personal hygiene and other skills that are important to sustain themselves. Simple costs like transportation, money for pens and paper or a proper meal are a necessity for these girls to get the most out of life. Project Pari helps girls with a foundation to build on.

Zonta conducts a life skill program for these girls, to help install a sense of self-worth in the teenagers. There is so much potential in so many girls; potential that is not acknowledged or never seen just for the reason they don’t get a chance to shine. Project Pari gives them the stage and all the support to shine as bright as they can. NCA is honoured to be part of this and to help making these girls the stars they are.

Project Pari is named in honour of the late Pari Viswalingam. This project is a tribute to her dedication to education and her loyal service to Zonta Singapore.