Pleun Brevet

“When I moved to Singapore I was struck by its wealth. It never occurred to me that there would be people here that have nothing, when others have so incredibly much. But when I got in touch with NCA, my image of Singapore was altered quickly. It really is ‘just another country’ with regular country problems; there are poor people, sick people, wealthy people and healthy people, but most of all a lot of people that have a heart and do what they can to help the sick and the poor. And as always with charity work, there is never enough money.”

“I love what NCA stands for: raising money within the expat community and raising awareness about local issues. This way we allow the helpers to do what they do best: to help the people in need.”

“I have been a committee member for 3 years and have seen a lot of changes over the years. NCA has grown from a hobby group to a professional charity with a long-term strategy and with a more defined aim. But it is time to say goodbye now. I have really enjoyed my time with NCA, I learned a lot and I loved that everything was always possible. I still think NCA is doing great work and will definitely be volunteering at fairs and the garage sales, but I really think it’s time to hand over the reins. Marlies Gerritsen is taking over and I think we were very lucky to have found her.”

Pleun Brevet has been an NCA board member with roles including webmaster and head of Marketing and Communications, and in her three years worked with others to set up NCA social media and a new website. As one of our most loyal volunteers she will be missed, but luckily you will still be able to meet her at the fairs or the NCA garage sale. Would you like to volunteer, or be a part of one of the committees or board? Then email us at [email protected]