And the WINNERS are …

Ong Yi Chao
Maaike Bernauer
David Hong
Olga Grant
Marije Weenink
Kaj Meines
Renske Vlug
Debby Emmanuels
Nadège van de Moosdijk

Congratulations to the winners of the photo contest. Our professional jury, consisting of Frances Alleblas and Katy LeBlanc, selected their photos for the new memory game. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Our new memory game is now for sale!


We’re looking back on a wonderful discussion on neurodiversity in the workplace, held at The Guild College. The evening started off with a screening of a documentary ‘My journey for education’, by Merlijn Goldasck (supported by the Brune Global Foundation). After the screening, we had an inspiring panel discussion with Jayne Nadarajoo, Godelieve van Dooren, Barbara Voskamp, Alan Pek, Eng Tat Tan and Daan Weenink.

Does the neurodiverse population always get the time they need to complete a basic education? And do they get the opportunities, like any other person, to explore and discover their strengths? Are companies ready to embrace their abilities and hire them as valuable employees, instead of looking only at their disabilities?

One of the proceeds of the evening was a call to action to companies to investigate how they can financially support the education of differently abled young adults and whether they can offer this group an opportunity to practice their skills.
This event was just one baby step in the journey towards inclusiveness, education and opportunity for the special needs community. We hope many more of these sessions on inclusiveness will follow!