Hey Teens!

Get ready to be part of something amazing! We’re calling on all the incredible teens out there to become Changemakers and make a difference in the world!

Bake and Sell Cookies: Whip up your favorite cookie recipes and turn those sweet treats into something special for a cause. Sell them to friends, family, and neighbors, spreading joy and raising funds for a good cause!

Sell Your Toys: Ready to part with some of your cherished toys? It’s time to give them a new home and contribute to a cause that matters.

Donate (Babysitting) Money: Turn your babysitting skills into a force for good! Donate a portion of your hard-earned babysitting money to support those in need during NCA Care Week.

The Changemaker Challenge: Turn your fundraising efforts into a friendly competition! The teen who raises the most funds will earn the title of NCA Teen Changemaker. They’ll be featured on our socials, recognized as an ambassador for change, and have the chance to inspire others with their incredible journey.

Ready to make a difference? Join the NCA Teen Changemaker Challenge and let’s create positive change together!

Tag us in your fundraising adventures with #NCACareChangemakers and let’s spread the spirit of giving this holiday season.

Let’s show the world that teens can be a powerful force for good! Make your donation (via a bank app) here!