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NCA presents….

February 28, 2016 – Over the last year we’ve worked hard to make NCA more visible and known in Singapore, and started to realize that our logo was not helping us. First of all, we received feedback that the word ‘Netherlands’ in our logo was associated with an organization meant only for Dutch people. This is too bad because we would like every expat in Singapore to join NCA! Furthermore we noticed that our logo was difficult to recognize in our social media communication. With this in mind we started looking for a designer to help us create a new logo.
Creating a new logo is always a delicate process. Apart from visibility, we found it important to honour our Dutch heritage in the new logo, after all NCA was founded by Dutch expat women. Something we’re very proud of: we’ve come a long way since 1968.


We are very happy to announce that the NCA board has chosen this as the new NCA logo:

NCA logo 2016 small


We feel that this logo has a fresh, friendly and professional look. It’s straightforward but with the NCA heart. We believe this logo will help us to be more visible, especially online, within the expat community.

We trust you all like our new look as well, although we totally understand you might have to get used to it a little. In the next few months we will continue working to update our website, brochures and merchandise, so the new logo will become more and more visible, giving you ample opportunity to familiarize yourself with it.