Meaningful Gifts

meaningful gifts

With NCA we find it important to give back to the Singaporean community. Not only by volunteering or donating money. We find it important to raise money in a sustainable way by promoting meaningful gifts in our charity shop. Gifts that have a meaning to you and to the people and charities we support.

For this reason all our items on our websites have a meaning. So you can give the people who are meaningful to you something special: a meaningful gift. In a world where all you need is in an abundance, we sometimes forget that others may not be this fortunate. These are the people you don’t see, however, these are the ones who need it the most.

Give something intangible or something tangible that is different, and at the same time even more special to the people of the charity you support.

“By giving something meaningful I show how special the person is to me. In a world where we have everything, I prefer to give something that means the world to the less fortunate. Receiving more than something materialistic is important to me.”

Xi Hue

“For me, the most important part of giving a special gift is giving something that is meaningful to me. The Book of Walks has been one of my favourite gifts that I have purchased from the NCA webshop,  since I love taking long walks.”

Mira Karadzhova

“I love to have long dinners and evenings together with my friends. I often think about people who are in a situation where they cannot afford this luxury. Giving a present that feeds families is my favourite gift to give!”

Rick Ensink

“When my friends and family ask me what I want for my birthday I always ask them to choose something from the NCA charity gift-shop. Then I know for sure I get something I want: be of meaning to someone else.”


Give more by giving back with our meaningful gifts

One of our gifts that is truly something special is our Book of Walks. A book that is specially written for NCA to raise funds and support our charities. It’s a truly meaningful gift for everyone who lives in Singapore and likes to explore, see and experience true Singapore.

Another great gift is our Christmas cards and holiday cards that bring back the true meaning of a holiday. By showing your affection with one of our cards you are also showing affection to the people of our charity. Be sure to check out our charity shop for all our meaningful gifts such as memory games, cards and much more.

We also have other special gifts: give someone a gift by providing a child hope and happiness by purchasing this in our shop as a meaningful gift. Or for example English courses to underprivileged foreign workers. Receiving a gift that actually supports care for ex-leprosy patients is something different that will last a lifetime. We have many of these intangible and meaningful gifts that will change the lives of many. Showing that you care about someone will get a whole new dimension!

Please visit our shop to check what special gifts we have in store to give to a loved-one that already has everything. Or treat yourself on something nice, you deserve it just as much as the people of our charities deserve it.

the book of walks