Marlouke Schuengel

“I started working with HOME after witnessing my neighbour’s helper being mistreated. I was already aware of HOME through a friend who worked there, but by the time I was feeding this helper 5 nights a week, I decided it was time to do more. That helper went back to her own country a couple of years ago.  I’m involved with the sewing projects – buying fabrics and supplies, helping create the designs and selling the bunting at different fairs.  The sewing team is made up of the shelter residents, who learn sewing skills at HOME and are able to make some money for HOME through creating the designs that are sold. I visit the shelter once a week, and get to know some of the team a little bit, although often they are only in the shelter for a short time.”

Once a year NCA organizes the Charity Christmas Fair. All the proceeds go to the charities the NCA supports. Marlouke and Marijke represent one of our loyal vendors, HOME, and have been attending the Charity Christmas Fair for many years.

NCA is proud to be one of HOME’s supporters for many, many years. We endorse the work they do and support their work in kind and financially. And we love the performance of the HOME choir every year at the Charity Christmas Fair we organize at the Hollandse Club.