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Marlies Gerritsen

“I’ve been in Singapore for 8 months. I’m here for 3 years and the intention after that is to return to the Netherlands.  It didn’t make sense for me to try to set up a practice like the one I had at home here, but at the same time I’m used to being busy and feeling useful: sitting by the poolside is only fun for a while!  I wanted to be part of something bigger. So I feel as though my reasons for joining NCA are not at all altruistic!  Being busy and useful makes me feel good about myself, and that it’s a charity is like a bonus.  I’ve always done volunteering on the side along with my practice. In my profession I was able to coach people to help them make big decisions: to help people to find a way out of an impasse or conflict feels good to me. NCA works very much in the same way, and I can relate to that: giving people tools to help themselves. I look at Project Pari, or the Good Shepherd, or HOME and see women and girls who have suffered being supported to lift themselves up and move on. Pari enables girls to find a life through school that is better than they would have been able to achieve on their own. The women in the shelters, and the families in Breadline, receive the support, skills and coaching they need to be able to start again, regain their self-esteem, and heal. Seeing progression in life makes me happy, and knowing these women and families are able to become independent again is a great reward.”

Marlies Gerritsen is a new NCA board member with responsibility for heading Marketing and Communications. Her vision and ambitions for the marketing team include continuing to professionalise NCA, improving the use of social media and increasing our reach amongst our target audience.  You can also see her at the fairs and NCA sales. If you have marketing, communications, writing, photography or organisational skills, or just a little time and a lot of humour and energy then please contact us. We love to hear from potential new volunteers at [email protected].sg