We got the prizes for the Lucky Draw...

Prizes for the Lucky Draw at the Christmas Charity Fair.

No event in Singapore is complete without a Lucky Draw. For your event it can mean a lot of fun, and as the proceeds go to NCA it means we can support more charities and therefore, more people.
We can organize a Lucky Draw for you from start to finish. Since we have some sponsors who donate goods rather than money, we can even raise some rather nice Lucky Draw prizes.

And if you choose NCA you’ll know that 100% of the Lucky Draw proceeds goes to charity! There are no costs for the prizes or our labor. Also, you can choose to raise money for NCA and all the charities we support, or single out one of our charities if you prefer.

How does it work?

On behalf of NCA, Lisette Davis spoke to the attendees of the ADB Dinner & Dance.

The explanation beforehand at the ADB Dinner & Dance.

NCA gladly takes responsibility for organizing all aspects from the lucky draw; the most important being the prizes. In the past we have given away Nespresso machines, plane tickets to Bali or Amsterdam, household or personal care products from Philips, hotel stays, antique (buddha) statues and wood carvings.

After talking to you about the event you are organizing, we will arrange all the prizes and gear them towards the audience you are organizing the event for. During the event we will explain to the audience who NCA is and what we do and sell the lottery tickets.

Before we proceed with the actual Lucky Draw, we will add up all the money we received from the ticket sales and announce the total at the prize ceremony, where we draw the winning tickets and hand over the prizes.

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