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Become a NCA member for only S$75.00 a year!  (expires automatically after one year)

Being a member of NCA means making a change in someone’s life on an ongoing basis. Your yearly membership will go directly to our carefully selected local charities where help is most needed. Through the membership fees we can commit to our charities so they can count on our donation. That means that the charities can do what they do best: help the people who need it the most.

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“Living here as an expat it is very easy to stay in your expat bubble.  But there is so much more to Singapore, and it is very rewarding to see you can actually make a difference in people’s lives”

“When I moved to Singapore I was struck by its wealth. It never occurred to me that there would be people here that have nothing, when others have so incredibly much”

“I want to save money from work and have a restaurant, and be happy with my family. My son is 6, his favourite subject is Math. Maybe he can become a doctor”

“As an NCA volunteer I didn’t just want to do fairs but go out and meet the Singaporean people who we are helping. That’s how you get a feeling of who you’re raising all that money for.”

 “My leprosy started when I was 20 years old. For 22 years I’ve been here at SILRA…..I find it very good here and I am happy”

Vacancies within NCA

We are always in need of volunteers with organisational skills and those who can give time to generate funds. You can volunteer with NCA by joining one of the following committees:

  • MARCOM Committee – This committee works on external communications and marketing in regards to all NCA activities. To volunteer for this committee you will need to be fluent in English. To register your interest or for further information please click here
  • Volunteer for fairs: NCA is on the lookout for volunteers who are able to assist with fundraising activities at various expat fairs organised in Singapore. We are looking for individuals who are able to volunteer during the week in the mornings or afternoons. For further information or to volunteer please find our contact email here