Introducing our new Marcom team member Esther Nijdam

As a curious person with an entrepreneurial mind-set, I have a broad perspective of life. I see the world through a lens of opportunities. That’s why I recently moved to Singapore to start a new adventure together with my partner.

Next to my job in the field of Marketing and Communications, I have always had a strong drive to contVolunteer-Team-NCA-Estherribute to a fair world. That’s why I decided to join the Marketing and Communications team of the NCA.

Over the years I have been volunteering with several charitable organisations in different fields. I gained a passion for writing and collecting stories to engage audiences and create awareness about topics many people wish to close their eyes for.

Therefore, I am intrigued to explore life in Singapore from different perspectives and contribute to the work the NCA is doing. I would love to do this by telling stories about the work of the local charities they support and the people who are less privileged and fall between the cracks of society.

Last week I was introduced to HOME, one of the charities NCA supports. HOME is dedicated to support, empower and uphold the rights of migrant workers in Singapore.  At HOME I joined a group counselling session of helpers and got an insight in abuse and exploitation that’s happening to some of these helpers in Singapore. I am intrigued to dive into this topic and gain more understanding the work HOME is doing and the impact they make on these women.