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When the summer starts we always feel a little sad because we know that some of our volunteers will be moving on to other places. We would like to take the opportunity here to thank all volunteers for their hard work. It’s been a great year and we could not have done it without your enthusiasm and efforts.

For the ones that (have to) move on, we wish you well wherever you’re going. Know that there will always be a place for you at NCA in case you come back. We would like to say goodbye in particular to three exceptional people:


Annette, Diana, Ingrid and Melinda during Ingrid’s farewell lunch.

Ingrid Muller has been a NCA board member for 18 years! She also took care of finding the best (and cheapest) ways to order our merchandising and was the driving force behind the NCA cake stall at fairs. We also miss the fantastic food she would offer us during board meetings at her house. Thank you Ingrid, for all your hard work and we wish you well in Sydney.


Kristel and Kori manning the cake stall at the NCA Christmas Fair

Kori and Kristel have been volunteering for NCA for several years and manned NCA stalls at many, many fairs. They sold a lot of NCA merchandising which enabled NCA to donate generously to the charities we support. We thank you both and we hope that you will settle quickly and effortlessly and most of all fun exploring your new surroundings.

Together we can make a difference and your help is needed! If you would like to help out at fairs or as a board or committee member, check the volunteer page to see if we have an opening that would suit you perfectly. Email us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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