The Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Centre offers shelter to teenagers, women, mothers and their children, where they can rebuild their lives after violence, abuse and victimization. The sisters of the Good Shepherd have opened their doors in 1935 in Singapore for girls who are troubled, abused or need of assistance in life, help and offer a place of peace for woman who are in need of care. And although the charity has a Christian foundation, the doors of the sister’s shelter is open for everyone with any religion or cultural background.

Apart from shelter the Good Shepherd Center also teaches those living there various handicrafts to help them become independent and get them back on their feet. Once they leave the shelter they are able to make a living for themselves and their children and leave their old lives behind.

good shepherd

Good Shepherd and NCA hand in hand

Early 2016 NCA and Good Shepherd worked together in the Hand in Hand greeting card project:

The Hand in Hand project tells a true story of hopes and dreams endured even through great hardship. The greeting cards show hand gestures to symbolize that we all speak the same language in the end. No matter where we come from, or who we are. The models for our cards are survivors of terrible abuse. Those who have found a safe place to stay at the Good Shepherd Centre. The messages they chose to convey are not of their hardship. But of love, determination, humor and shared humanity. They have spoken their thoughts and aspirations for the world to hear their voices. And NCA is honored to share their voices with you. We are happy the cards with their wishes will be send out to all four corners of the world. We truly hope that all of their dreams will come true.

Do your part in empowering these abused women to get back on their feet. If you’d like to volunteer, click here for how you can help out! For more information about Good Shepherd please visit their website.