Geera Poot

geera“As an NCA volunteer I didn’t just want to do fairs but go out and meet Singaporean people and hear their stories. So, I’ve helped at the fairs, but also in the Willing Hearts soup kitchen and I played Bingo with the residents of Silra. That’s how you get a feeling of who you’re raising all that money for, you get a better view and realize that Singapore not just glitter and glamour. A lot of people live below the poverty line; they cannot feed their children breakfast, lunch and dinner because they can’t work.”

“I’m a nurse and I love to take care of people but I wasn’t allowed to work in Singapore. Moving to a different country means you need time to figure things out for yourself, where do you do your shopping, how are the kids liking their new school, etc. Volunteering meant that I was flexible with my time and take care of my own family and visitors. But it was very rewarding and I learned that there is more than living the high-life.”

Geera lived in Singapore for a year and volunteered for NCA in various ways, she manned the NCA table at expat fairs and was also a very active volunteer at our charities. This picture was taken during one of our many bingo mornings at Silra, which we organize once a month.

The members and volunteers at NCA are our lifeblood. Some people join as members, and attend our events, and they are happy to contribute that way. Others like to volunteer to sell our products at the fairs, making friends and raising funds at the same time. Some really want to get to know the people behind the charity names, and they volunteer to take part in projects and outings directly with the charities. There are many, many ways to help. Today we salute some of our volunteers and ask them to tell their stories. If you would like to get involved in some way please email [email protected]