Esmé Parish


“We came here in 1980 and left in ’99, but chose to come back a few years ago. I love the climate, and run this business out of Hong Kong and Singapore. I sell everything sterling silver, from all across the world, brand new as well as antique.  I came across the NCA through the Dutch Club, and I enjoy being here to support a good cause, because these charities do work that really is needed here. The CPF isn’t much, you could draw it at 55 and at 70 find you’ve got nothing left. That’s why you see old ladies sweeping the street. So we need organisations that support the people who need help.”


Once a year NCA organizes the Charity Christmas Fair and all the proceeds from NCA go to the charities we support. Esmé Parish is one of our loyal vendors and has been attending the Charity Christmas Fair for many years.