Emily Newell, LittleOnes Photography

“I’ve been here 4 years, I came out to join my sister in her business. We used to work in a shared shophouse and one day got talking to NCA about updating their memory game. It’s been an exciting project for an amazing cause – as a business we really want to do our part to support charities and in this case it’s been so satisfying to be able to use our professional creativity and skills to do something good. I love exploring Singapore and finding the quirky hidden side of the island, I think the photos convey a real love of Singapore.  We also wanted to ensure the game was appealing to children so we tested the photos on several kids and made sure we incorporated the ones they picked. Of course they loved the pictures with buses, taxis and the ERP! 

I really believe in the cause of HOME. Helpers do beautiful, amazing work and give up so much to be here – their children and families – and so often it’s under-appreciated. The stories can be really inspirational. One lady ran away after being mistreated and now she has become a spokeswoman for migrant workers’ rights. SILRA is a fantastic charity too. Often older people today are not well looked after. It makes me sad to think of my own granny and how she is often lonely, and I love to think that we are helping a cause that focuses on ensuring the older generation of people are being taken care of and respected.”

One of the ways NCA raises money is by selling merchandise on the various expat fairs in Singapore. Our best selling items is the My Singapore Memories game, a matching game that we’ve all played as a kid. NCA’s game contains only photos from Singapore and it therefore makes a great gift for people who are leaving or arriving in Singapore. In the current edition all pictures were generously donated by Emily and Kate from Littleones Photography. And we are very happy with the result, as they look fresh, colourful and we know the kids love the pictures.