Donate and Help Out

NCA is a not-for-profit charity that relies a 100% on donations received from corporate sponsors and people like you. Without donations NCA is unable support our five partner charities or help those in need. You can be assured that every dollar you donate is used to help out those in need. Of course helping by donating some of your hard earned money goes to great help, we are also very happy if you donate some time to help out at one of our 5 charities. Or help NCA by donating some of your expertise so help  expand and reach our goal: giving back to the Singaporean community.

How do I donate?

If you would like to help NCA and ensure that your donations are put to good use, please donate today. There are three ways in which you can donate to NCA:

  1. By purchasing items in our charity shop
  2. By making a monetary donation
  3. By donating your time

Donate by purchasing items in our charity shop

If you want to control which cause or charity to support, then this will be best option. Some of the causes in the charity shop are sponsoring an underprivileged girl, paying for legal advice for helpers and donating to help abuse victims. Go to the charity shop to see the complete list of causes supported by NCA. You can also ask your loved ones to donate towards these causes as a gift in your name for special occasions.

Help in other ways

If you would like to help in another way you can refer to the “get involved with NCA” page. If your company would like to act as a corporate sponsor, you can refer to the Corporate Partnership Singapore page. Other ways of helping is donating your time. The more volunteers we have the better we can obtain our goals and make the world a better place. For example help on the spot with one of our 5 charities. Help us with one of our fundraisers or help us out with our expertise. There are always ways to help, please contact us to see how and why we need you!

Make a monetary donation

These donations are used to given to selected charities in December of each year to help support their causes. You may make a donation in the following ways:

  • By cheque
    • Made out to – The Netherlands Charity Association
    • Mailing address – Hollandse Club, c/o NCA, 22 Camden Park Singapore, 299814
  • By bank transfer
    • Bank – DBS
    • Bank code – 7171
    • Branch code – 014
    • Account No. – 0149001810
    • Note, if you do make a donation via bank transfer, please send an e-mail with your contact details and the amount donated, so we can register your donation properly.
  • Donate online through the NCA page at