Dominica Fitri Masniari

dominica“The HOME shelter has space for sixty women and we empower them to run the shelter by themselves. We have adopted the spirit of Sisterhood and we call each other ‘sister’. The power imbalance between employer and domestic worker is very high, so sisterhood gains their trust and confidence.”
“We’ve been coming here to sing for NCA for 7 years now – I teach the caroling and the dancing to the girls that live in the shelter. Sometimes women say to me “Sister, we have no experience of singing in Singapore, the country where we were mistreated”, and they are afraid. I say to them “Leave your problems in the shelter – sing from your heart and shine. Show the public your power. Be yourself, and find the power inside: the chance to find your talent.”
HOME works for the well-being, justice and empowerment of migrant workers and trafficked victims in Singapore and Dominica is responsible for running the HOME shelter.
Although rules and regulations cannot be changed in one day HOME has played an important part in outlawing cleaning windows from the outside without proper safety precautions, they took the lead in getting the foreign workers a weekly day off, etc.
There is also a HOME Academy, where domestic workers teach each other new skills and create communities of support. The Academy is run by 60 or 70 volunteers and employers are happy to give their helpers the Sunday to go there and learn.

NCA is proud to be one of HOME’s supporters for many, many years. We endorse the work they do and support their work in kind and financially. And we love the performance of the HOME choir every year at the Charity Christmas Fair we organize at the Hollandse Club.