NCA Corporate Partnerships

NCA Corporate Partnerships focusses on assisting and supporting international companies to connect and support the Singapore community where needed.

NCA Corporate Partnerships offers the possibility to participate in selected and curated programs and projects, whereby corporate teams can connect with one another, Singapore society whilst giving back and doing good.

NCA corporate partnership currently offers standard programs for corporates, but if so required tailored solutions can be designed.


Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of social responsibility, social value creation not only to build towards sustainable growth but also to improve employee motivation and purpose.

NCA Corporate Partnerships are designed to help companies to realize its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals and offers solutions and opportunities to activate employees and connect with the communities they work and live in.

How does it work:

Project/charity selection

Due diligence on associated charities

Metrics to demonstrate the social impact of the projects (impact report)

Project/Program management

An Example: Adopt a Program/ Adopt a Team

In NCA’s Just for Kicks football program 100 low income children age 9-16 year across 5 schools in Tampines will be onboarded in a weekly 90-minutes coaching sessions with professional trainers. and coaches, in principle for a period of 6 years. The program is designed to build confidence, opportunities and experiences that will prepare them to be tomorrows leaders.  The program focusses on setting competencies in skills including problem solving, creativity, analytical thinking, collaboration , communication, ethics , action and accountability. Employees can weigh in by signing up as volunteer coaches.

An Example: Organize Training activities

Project Pari inspires and enables young talented secondary school girls from lower income families to become future  leaders. Companies can adopt one or more of the monthly training activities such as life skill workshops, company visits or other trainings that build confidence and broaden perspective.

Want to know more?

Our Corporate Partnership Committee members are happy to schedule an introductory meeting to see how we can help.

Guido Nieuwenhuyzen, Chair of Corporate Partnership Committee

Afke Hemmes, Member of Corporate Partnership Committee

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