With a corporate partnership, you can help stand up against human rights violations, poverty and so much more. Our Corporate Partners not only benefit NCA, but themselves as well. Research has shown that both employees and customers care about corporate responsibility. So start taking action today and become a corporate partner with NCA.

By contributing S$500 per year your company can become a corporate partner of the NCA. You will have the company logo placed on the website and you can actively participate in NCA events. For an additional S$500, we will place your logo on the footer of our website, so it appears on every page of the website. Note, this offer is only open to corporate partners.

corporate partnership

Benefits of a corporate partnership

  • Positive publicity – A corporate partnership raises awareness for local causes and at the same time promotes your business. Event photos and your company’s involvement can be shared on social media, generating buzz about your company and the charity.
  • Customer relationships – As a NCA partner your involvement with local charities demonstrates a commitment to the Singaporean community that benefits existing and developing customer relations in Singapore and further afield.
  • Employee benefits – Employees prefer to work for companies that offer opportunities to volunteer. With such a corporate partnership, your employees will be given the opportunity to volunteer at various NCA events and give back to the community. Not will this make the employee feel good but also make them see your company as one that supports doing good.

How can your company partner with NCA?

Your company can also partner with NCA in the following ways:

  • NCA products – You can support NCA by buying products from the charity shop as gifts to your employees or business relations. All proceeds go to charities supported by NCA.
  • Lucky Draw – If you are organizing a business event let NCA organize a lucky draw for you from start to finish. Or donate prizes in kind for other lucky draws.
  • Sponsor workshop – You can help support the NCA workshops by donating money, offering space or a tour through your company.

Become a Corporate Partner