NCA Corporate Partnerships focusses on assisting and supporting international companies to connect and support the Singapore community where needed.

NCA Corporate Partnerships offers the possibility to participate in selected and curated programs and projects, whereby corporate teams can connect with one another, Singapore society whilst giving back and doing good.

NCA corporate partnership currently offers standard programs for corporates, but if so required tailored solutions can be designed.


Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of social responsibility, social value creation not only to build towards sustainable growth but also to improve employee motivation and purpose.

NCA Corporate Partnerships are designed to help companies to realize its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals and offers solutions and opportunities to activate employees and connect with the communities they work and live in.


NCA corporate partnerships works closely together in the charity selection, during the onboarding of the project, kickstarting and lifecycle of the project.

Not only will there by plenty of opportunities for the employees to engage with and volunteer on the project, also NCA will assist with the sharing of the positive impact.

An Example:

NCA is bringing the Enabling leadership to Singapore, with Vopak as its Exclusive Corporate Partner.