Re-think your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with NCA

NCA believes that we can make a big difference in people’s lives by giving back to the local community. And (commercial) organisation can do the most. Be a forerunner in Corporate Social Responsibility and sign up with NCA to take this responsibility today!

As a company you have the power to stand up against human rights violations, poverty and a better place, not only through selling great products or services but also through actively join forces with organizations like NCA.

NCA helps with identifying your Corporate Social Responsibility

NCA supports several carefully selected local Singaporean charities and projects, for example: women’s shelters, families in need, elderly and/or poor people and secondary school children.

Contributing to the local community will benefit your company as well. Research shows that employees and customers care about corporate social responsibility. A few reasons why giving back is a great idea:

  • Free publicity: through sponsoring NCA your company can raise awareness for specific local causes and at the same time promote your business’ Corporate Social Responsibility. For example: sharing photos of your charity activities is a great way to generate (social) media exposure.
  • Improve customer relationships: giving back will help you build stronger relationships with your customers. And attract new ones. It shows customers that you truly care about the local community. Your brand will build a reputation for giving back and caring about the communities it serves. We enhance your corporate social responsibility visibility
  • Your employees will benefit: more and more employees prefer to work for a company that offers opportunities to volunteer. The fact that a company is involved in charity helps them with the decision to accept a job offer. Supporting local causes is a great way to boost morale and keep employees happy.

So why not be a good neighbor and support us in helping the underprivileged?

How your organisation can help us

There are a few ways for companies to support the local community. Some examples are:

  • Become a friend for NCA; the annual contribution is $500 per year. Your logo will be placed on our ‘Friends of NCA page’ and you can actively participate in our events. For an extra S$ 500 we will place your logo in the footer of our website. That way your logo will be visible on each and every page. Throughout the year we will offer other promotional opportunities. (This offer is only open to Friends of NCA)
  • NCA products; buy our products (cards, memory game etc.) as gifts to your employees or business relations. Or visit our Charity web shop and buy products to directly supports the people from our charities.
  • Lucky draw; if you are organizing a business event let NCA organize a lucky draw for you from start to finish. Or donate prizes in kind for other lucky draws.
  • Sponsor workshops we organize, in money or in kind by offering us a location or a tour through your company.

These are just a few examples of many possibilities; we are always open to discuss other creative initiatives. Please contact us at [email protected].

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