The charity work we do is comprised of two types of efforts to help out our causes. First, we raise money that we donate to the charities we support. Secondly, we help out in person at the causes we support. Here you can find all the charity work that we do, both financial as well as volunteering.

Get up close and personal with the people we raise the money for during the year at one or more of the following charity events. If you like a special charity, an event or just like to help NCA in general, please subscribe here! We always need more help to make the world a better place. Your efforts, however how small or big they may be, will have a huge impact on the people our charities support.

Help out with our Bingo mornings at SILRA, cooking meals at the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen or be part any of our famous fundraisers. We also like to invite you to meet us in person and to have a coffee with us at our coffee mornings.

Charity work at SILRA

Care for the people who were affected by leprosy and bring joy to home of SILRA. The home offers a living for ex-leprosy patients by supporting them with lodging, food, healthcare and recreation. Recreation such as Bingo. Bingo that we, NCA, host for the residents of SILRA. This is truly one of our many charity events that are small in gesture but brings a lot of happiness. It is an unique experience for you to give back to the Singapore society and is also a joyful experience for the residents of SILRA.

Each first Tuesday of the month we host a BINGO-morning that takes place at the Singapore Relieve Association for about 1.5 hours between 9am and 10:30am. We and the residents of SILRA would love to have you with us playing bingo. Please join us with SILRA anytime you like!

Please find here when the next Bingo at SILRA will take place on our charity Calendar

Charity work at the Good Shepherd

The church of the Good Shepherd offers a shelter for women. Women, teenage girls and mothers with young children who have suffered a history of abuse, violence and intimidation get a new chance in life. A chance that is given by the church of the Good Shepherd to become independent, to make a living, to enjoy life as we all do.

NCA contributes to the girls of Good Shepherd by providing donations. However some things are priceless; like being there for each other. For this reason one of NCA’s charity events is hosting picnics with the residents of Good Shepherd. We eat delicious (home cooked) snacks, we take bike rides, play games and chat. We have a good time.

Our female (sorry guys, this is a girls’ event!) NCA volunteers are cordially invited to join the picnic. And bring your kids as it will be fun for all with these charity events! If you like you can bring your favorite picnic dish along to share with everyone else. A girl’s gotta eat too, right?

Please find here when the next Shepherd’s Picnic is held on our charity calendar here

Charity work at Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen

Join us for a morning helping in the Willing Hearts soup kitchen. The soup kitchen operates 7-days a week and currently serves about 5.000 daily meals to the  underprivileged in Singapore. We always need an extra helping hand in the kitchen! Help Willing Hearts with sorting, cutting and washing ingredients. Help to cook the food and pack it with all the other volunteers. Be part of something special and help us at the Soup Kitchen @ 11 Jalan Ubi Kembangan. Simply let us now which date you would like to help make a difference. We, Willing Hearts and the guests of the soup kitchen really appreciate you attending one of the kitchen’s charity events.

Please find here when you can help out the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen on our charity calendar

NCA Annual Garage Sale

One of our other efforts to give back to the Singaporean society is generating as much funds as we can to donate to one of our 5 charities. One of the charity events we host to do so is our biannual Garage Sale. The whole year we collect, separate and look for the best items in Singapore for to sell at our Garage Sales. We need volunteers to find great items to sell, to prepare the Garage Sale and to be present at the Garage Sale to get funds for our donations!

Our latest binnual Charity Garage Sale is was on the 28th of May 2017. For the next Garage Sale please come lend a hand in sorting out and setting up the Garage Sale or donate your items!

Help out at next biannual Garage Sale in the fall of 2017. Sign up here and we will send you the details to be part of the greatest Garage Sale in Singapore.

Please find here what the exact date is of our Garage Sale in our charity calendar

charity work

Volunteer Sessions

We regularly organise different type of sessions where we visit our charities. Think of cook-offs, picnics or other activities we do with our charities. Sometimes we work hard to help out, other times we get spoiled. These events are for NCA-members only.

Black and White Tour

Executive Homes sponsors this immensely popular tour every year in early spring exclusively for NCA. We visit some of the best preserved Black and White homes and we are always accompanied by a guide who knows what she’s talking about. There is really nothing like it in Singapore and with the money we raise (over S$2000 this year!) we can make more donations to our charities!

Other Volunteering Opportunities

We require help for all our charity events throughout the year like our Christmas Fair, Awareness Night and other charity events that we host. Or maybe you have some ideas of your own. Signing up as a general volunteer will literally make the world a better place. We cannot do this alone, we need to do this together. Please sign up below to get all the information about our charity events. We will get in touch with you by email when we need you help! You can always decide if you can help with one of the charity events or not, this is up to you.