About New Life Stories

New Life Stories aims to prevent repeat and intergenerational incarceration. We take a holistic child-centric focus to ensure that the children and their families are supported. We arm the children with reading and pro-social skills through our befriending program so that they can become confident and motivated learners. We support parents during their period of incarceration in the form of self-awareness and resilience-building workshops in prison so that they can have a smooth transition back into society. After their release, we support the families to find their footing as they begin their journey to create their own new life stories.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that familial relationships are essential to the rehabilitation of inmates. We encourage the building and rebuilding of connections between the incarcerated and their families to strengthen their bonds despite their situation.

Our Objective is to prevent repeated and intergenerational incarceration, to reduce re-offending  and to improve quality of life and community inclusion for the families.