breadline group

The Breadline Group is a community service group comprised of volunteers, formed because they share a concern for the welfare of the old and underprivileged. They have adopted more than 200 families. Most of these families are recommended by medical social workers. A lot of these people are elderly and physically handicapped and often have dependents to support. Every month volunteers visit each “adopted” family to find out how they fare. During that visit they provide food provisions and/or cash to supplement any public assistance they may be receiving.

The need of this help comes from the fast pace of development the Singaporean society has seen in the past years. Due to the expansion urbanisation and industrialisation of Singapore social changes have intensified the difficulty of making a living for the elderly and the poor. They just cannot keep up with the pace of the nation’s development. Especially for those who, for whatever reason, are living in poverty or in special homes. Most of the social welfare assistance they are in need of, consists of paying their rent and public utilities such as healthcare. The breadline group helps these underprivileged people in sustaining their basic needs.

The Breadline Group is registered under the Societies Act / Charities Act. Also it’s a member of the National Council of Social Service. They operate with minimal overheads from members’ homes. With this the funds that are raised go directly to the families in need. On a monthly basis volunteers visit each family. The volunteers talk to the families and finds out how they fare.

NCA is honored to support The Breadline Group already for many years and we are proud to be supporting students via The Breadline Group. This charity is a great addition to our portfolio for the reason is comprises such a large stake of the Singaporean community we want to give back to. We give our support by being there as a volunteer and in providing extra capital to work with. We can use all the help there is. Do your part in helping feed hungry families.