Charity Events Calendar

Welcome to the NCA Charity Events Calendar. As our association finds it important to give back to the Singaporean community we frequently host events such as fairs, garage sales and other fundraisers. Furthermore we find it important to connect with our five charities and support their activities on a regular basis. Not only by means of a donation in money but by donating our time and be part of the community we support and love so much.

As a volunteer you can be part of any of the charity events we host. Both frequent charity events and the events that we host annually.

Although we love you to be an active member of NCA you don’t need to be an active member to take part in the charity events we organize. Please read here more about an NCA membership or how to sign up as a volunteer!

NCA’s Charity Calendar

Please find below our Charity Events Calendar to see if you’d like to participate with NCA in giving back to the Singaporean Community.

Charity Events

“Seeing the joy in everyone’s eyes when we play bingo at SILRA is something I look forward to each month”

MaartenVolunteer at NCA

“Judging the cooking contest at Good Shepherd and realising how much talent the girls have, was an eye-opening experience for me”

RashmiMember of NCA

“Being an expat far away from my home country, it’s always nice to come back to a place that feels like home”

JeffNCA Member

“Seeing so much dedication and love of our volunteers is truly the most rewarding part of my job”

SheilaNCA President

“Seeing progression and knowing these women and families are able to become independent again is a great reward.”

MarliesBoard Member & Volunteer

“Education is more than the materials and the lessons: we create community and sisterhood.”

Sisi SukiatoH.O.M.E

Fundraising Charity Events

Our fundraisers are either organized annually or organized throughout the year. With each year passing our ambitions and goals for our fundraisers grow along. And likewise the donations we can make to one of our five causes grow consequently. We are very proud that we can contribute to our charities and that we can help out by being there for them.

NCA doesn’t just raises funds, though. We believe in sustainable fundraising which can be best described as Events with an intention.

For instance we don’t just ask for funds, this wouldn’t be sustainable: We actually host events where we make money for our causes. Also,  with our Annual Garage Sale: we collect goods throughout the year and then sell them at our garage sale. Each year a greater success than the former! Or, our signature Christmas fair where we provide a platform for other charities to sell their goods. And we published a book (the book of walks) that we sell in our charity shop for the greater good! Another example of our fundraising charity events is our Black & White Tour: A walking tour through Singapore where you can discover all the best preserved black and white houses accompanied with a guide. And 100% of the admission fee for this tour goes to our causes.

These are just a few examples of our sustainable fundraising efforts, for more information please read all about it here!

Helping out our charities

Of course raising funds is of utmost importance. Yet, being there for each other and helping out is just as important. For this reason NCA’s other priority is being there for the Singaporean community. In person that is.

We volunteer on the spot at our charities and help out or bringing joy to the people who need it the most. For instance we host monthly Bingo mornings at the Singaporean Leprosy Relieve Association which is a great example of how a small gesture can mean a lot to others. Or help out cooking at the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen, there are never enough chefs if it comes to cooking over 5.000 meals a day!

What’s More?

These are just a few examples of the charity events we host. And whether it comes to making donations in the form of money or in time that you invest: we are grateful for all the dedication and love that our volunteers and supporters have that make these events possible.

If you would like to partner up with NCA for any charity event whatsoever please contact us to see if we can be of any help. We love to support good causes and to strengthen our bond with other associations who give back to the Singaporean community.