Thank youBeing a member of NCA means making a change in someone’s life on an ongoing basis. Your yearly membership will go directly to our carefully selected local charities and help where help is most needed. Through the membership fees we can commit to our charities so they can count on our cheque. The means that the charities can do what they do best: help the people who need it so much.

Become an NCA member for only S$ 75.00 per year. As a member you’ll have the opportunity to connect with the charities by taking part in some of the activities we especially organise. Apart from that you’ll get a discount on any of the events and/or tours we organise throughout the year. Please fee free to read all about the cause you can help out with below. Your help matters and will change the lives of others

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A member of The Breadline Group

Tbreadline grouphe Breadline Group is a community service group comprised of volunteers, formed because they share a concern for the welfare of the old and underprivileged. They adopt more than 200 families; most of whom are recommended by medical social workers. These people are elderly and physically handicapped and often have dependents to support. If you’d like to volunteer, click here for an overview of the options.


A member of H.O.M.E. 

HOME logoH.O.M.E is short for Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics and responds to the special needs of migrant communities. In response to the growing concern over the plight of some foreign workers in Singapore, a civic movement known as TWC2 (The Working Committee 2) began to campaign against the abuse of foreign domestic workers. The public empathy generated created the conditions for the establishment of H.O.M.E. in 2004.


A member of Singapore Leprosy Relief Association

6.DSC_7374 copy_silraMany people are under the impression that Leprosy does not exist anymore. They are wrong. Even though over the past fifty years considerable progress was made in understanding and treating the disease, every year 30 new cases are documented in Singapore alone. But thankfully these days through timely diagnosis and treatment no more cases of deformity are seen.

Established in 1971, the Home provides food, lodging, recreation and healthcare services for ex-leprosy patients. It also teaches the patients some handicraft skills and rehabilitative work. Eligibility criteria are ex-leprosy sufferers who are destitute.


A member of the Good Shepherd Centre

Good shepherd centreGood Shepherd Centre offers a shelter to teenagers, women, mothers and their children. Where they can rebuild their lives after violence, abuse and victimization. Apart from shelter the Good Shepherd Centre also teaches those living there various handicrafts to help them become independent and get them back on their feet. Once they leave the shelter they are able to make a living for themselves and their children and leave their old lives behind.

A member of Project Pari

Project PariProject Pari started in 2008 by Zonta Singapore. An organization of women executives in business and professions. This ongoing service project helps secondary schoolgirls by giving them a monthly pocket allowance. Now they can have proper meals and transportation. The girls come from underprivileged families that cannot afford to give their daughters an allowance and are chosen by the schools they attend.