Vice-President – Patricia Arkenbout

In the summer of 2019, my husband, three children and I moved from The Netherlands to Singapore to experience an adventure abroad together as a family. Since then I have mostly experienced the bright side and benefits of this country. Although I really enjoy this side, my desire in getting to know the other side of this interesting country has always been there too.

Therefore I am very happy and excited to have joined the NCA as Vice President. Together with the other enthusiastic and dedicated board members I am very driven to contribute in giving something back to Singapore by supporting the charities NCA has chosen.

Treasurer – Seger Visser

It is easy to lose sight of vulnerable groups in a wealthy society. Having lived in Singapore for over one year now, I found out that this also applies to the city-state. The NCA provides support to these groups, and I am therefore motivated to be a part of it. As a board member I can make myself useful while learning more about this other, lesser-known side of Singapore.

Secretary – Lyke Schouten

I have moved with my family to Singapore in the summer of 2019. After settling in I was looking forward to becoming more involved with some charity work. I really like that the NCA focuses on charities geared to persons falling between the cracks of society. It also gives me the chance to have a different outlook on Singapore and its people, which I find enriching.

Second Secretary – Charissia van Lelyveld

In July 2019 I moved to Singapore with my husband and our three children. We’ve lived here before and we’re happy to be back in the Lion City.

In this beautiful and developed country, it’s easy to overlook those who are less fortunate. The NCA supports charities that help the underprivileged. That’s why I’m excited to join the NCA.

I’m looking forward to working together with this team and the NCA charities to give back to those in need in Singapore.

Marketing & Communications – Marieke van der Linden

Having moved to Singapore in the midst of the COVID-pandemic (summer 2020) makes me strongly motivated to support the underprivileged in Singapore. Although Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the COVID-pandemic is widening the inequality gap and poverty is also an issue in Singapore.

It is therefore that I am very enthusiastic about working for the NCA and doing something good during these challenging times. Many years of experience in working for multiple NGO’s and for the Dutch local and national government I hope I can contribute via the NCA to a more inclusive society.

Marketing & Communications – Marieke Baan

I moved to Singapore with my husband and three children in the summer of 2019. Being an expat here, I feel very fortunate to live in such a safe and comfortable country. Having been here now for 1,5 years, and starting to understand the city better, it does become clear that there is also a sizable group that does need extra help.
The charities that the NCA supports are diverse and provide assistance to different groups in different ways. I am very happy that, as a board member, I can contribute to helping these charities continue their great work.

I hope to meet you at an NCA event very soon!