Giving back to Singapore.

As residents of the Singaporean society we would like to give something in return and contribute to the education and welfare of this society. We support the underprivileged in Singapore and create awareness for them by means of raising funds within the international expat community. Also we coordinate and volunteer at activities for the under privileged.

NCA depends entirely on contributions from individual supporters, corporate sponsors and fundraising activities and 100% of the profits go to charities

Brief History

Even in Singapore there are groups of people who fall through the cracks… NCA (Netherlands Charity Association) is an independent and non-profit organization, established in 1968 by a group of enthusiastic Dutch women, hence the name. They started to support a small children’s orphanage in Singapore; they did activities with the children and looked for sponsor money to support them financially. This developed into an organization that made small items to be sold at fairs, and grew into what we are today.

Even though “Netherlands” is still in our name, we evolved into a charity -primarily, but not exclusive- for all expats in Singapore. Everyone who wants to give back to Singapore society can do so through NCA, either by donating time, or by donating money.

Objectiveimage (6)

Originally our objectives included helping physically and mentally retarded people, the aged and homeless as well as orphans. Our aim now is to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged in Singapore.

Make a difference!

Without NCA’s donation to the charities, some of their activities cannot take place. For instance via Breadline we support families as well as students in need. The girls at Good Shepherd can get a treat, sometimes it’s a day out, sometimes it’s a luxury item all girls benefit from, sometimes it is a little something for the kids who innocently ended up in a horrible situation.

Our board and committees consists of volunteers, most of them are in Singapore on short term assignments and therefore we have a large turnover. If you feel you want to make a difference, please volunteer for NCA, we have a lot of different positions available and there is always something you can do to help.