4 June 2018 – Workshop ‘How to Create Happiness’ at Good Shepherd Shelter

The workshop ‘How to Create Happiness’ is offered to empower young women and mothers living at Good Shepherd crisis shelter who are fleeing abuse and violence.
Tools, tips and strategies will be shared to help the ladies create happiness and to encourage a positive mindset. Empowering thoughts can lift people up and the right mindset can help root out negative, defeating and limiting thoughts.
During this workshop the ladies of the shelter will learn about: 
– How to bounce back in face of adversity  
– How to build positive emotions and experiences 
– How to create the foundation for lasting happiness, gain more self awareness and overcome limiting blocks and beliefs
Being resilient and being happy can be learned by anyone!
This workshop is offered by BLOOM Development Factory Pte Ltd.  – a vision-driven company that inspires people to grow, personally & professionally. BLOOM believes in connection. Connection with yourself, connection with others. Connecting with a part of society that is in need. That’s why BLOOM Development Factory Pte Ltd. actively supports non-profit organisations by offering their time and expertise. Teaching various skills helping people to discover their talents and strengths, grow their self-confidence and inspiring them to follow their dreams and live a happy and meaningful life.