19 May 2018 – Inspiring Art Journaling Workshop for Project Pari

“Art is the sole expression of the artist – we don’t have to judge each other’s creativity. As there is no right or wrong in art”. The inspiring words of Singaporean artist Gloria Keh formed the basis of an afternoon of free dreaming and self- expression, and the creation of some beautiful and colourful works of art. Zonta Club of Singapore, supported by the NCA, runs Project Pari. It is a unique scheme that offers financial support, encouragement and training to underprivileged teenage girls. These girls often feel judged and constrained in their school lives. The opportunity to learn a new skill of self-expression and creative energy was too good to miss.

On Saturday 19th May, NCA, Zonta Club and Project Pari joined forces with Gloria Keh in a creative workshop teaching art-journaling. It was a free form of expression combining drawing and words to express emotions, dreams, thoughts and memories. 

Colourful crayons and felt tips were used to visualize different emotions in a series of mandala’s and drawings: both individual and group productions. The number one rule of art-journaling is that there are NO rules, which means everything is right! All creative expression is good, but to express our feelings and dreams on paper is still very hard work. As these young Singaporeans found out. They were able not only to create exuberant and gorgeous work, but also to explain their pieces to one another in a spirit of acceptance and support. At the end of the day each girl received a beautiful little notebook to take home to continue practicing their new skills.

We at NCA salute the vivacity and creativity of the girls of Project Pari!